3 Ways to Give

Tithing is an Act of Faithfulness, Offering is an Act of Gratefulness

Giving Online

update to our giving platform

You might notice that there are a few changes to how you can give at Naples Adventist Church. We have moved our giving platform to Nucleus Giving and hope that it will allow you a better giving process. We are not longer using the tithe.ly app.

Giving online is secure, quick and easy!

Secure by Design

Nucleus Giving uses 256-bit encryption, which is the same level as every major bank. Our Giving Flows use secure tokens, so that givers' information is protected. They are also PCI compliant along with their Tier 1 processing partner (one of the top 3 in the world).

This means every transaction through Nucleus Giving meets a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. 

Giving Your Way

Making a gift to your church through Nucleus Giving is incredibly simple. You can use any credit or debit card, yes, even AMEX or can securely log in to your bank account. One of the benefits of your church using Nucleus Giving for online giving is that our platform ensures your church receives 100% of your intended donation (unlike other giving platforms, where most of it is given to your church, with a small portion going to the company they use every time). To help with this, we've asked you, the donor, to cover the processing/convenience fees associated with online transactions, to ensure that 100% of your intended gift goes directly to your church (as it should). What does this look like? Giving via credit card, there is a 1.9% convenience fee. (That even includes giving with MasterCard!) Giving via ACH (direct bank-to-bank transfer), there is a flat rate of $0.25 no matter the size of gift.

Please Note

If you are looking to give to multiple ministries the Nucleus Giving flow will need to be filled out for each gift individually. We highly suggest creating a Giver account, and you'll gain access to be able to view your giving records, edit your profile details, as well as manage your scheduled gifts and payment methods. See below on how to set up your Giver account.

Give Today

Just click the button below and start your giving today.

Creating a Nucleus Giving Account/Signing in to Your Nucleus Giving Account

While it's not necessary to create an account to give to your church using Nucleus Giving, creating an account:

  • Allows you to view and mange your giving details and records in your Dashboard.
  • Makes giving in your church's GivingFlow easier by pulling payment method information from your account so you don't need to manually input it every time.

There are a couple of different ways to create an account. Let's walk through each one below!

Creating a Nucleus giving account only takes a few seconds

You can create an account through a flow found in the "Next Step" pink circle in the lower right hand corner of this website. Once you open the Next Steps flow list, select "Sign In" from the upper right hand corner of the window.

Enter your email address and enter a password. Don't worry, if you forget your password, it's at this step you can get it reset too! Once your signed in, hit "Continue" to go back to the available flows, including the GivingFlow, and select "Giving". Follow the prompts to provide your total gift amount, the ministry designation, how often you want to give, and any financial institution information that you want to store in your account.

Another way to create a personal Giver Account is by going to my.nucleus.church.com. Once there, enter an email address you want to be your login email. (Don't worry, you can always change this later on.) Next, enter a secure password. Then select "Join my church (I'm a Congregant)." After creating an account, return to www.NaplesSDAChurch.org and select the Next Steps button in the bottom right hand corner. Once you log into your church's Next Steps flow, you'll be connected to your church's account, and can complete a GivingFlow or any other flow listed.

Once your account is set up, you can return to my.nucleus.church.com and upon signing in you'll be able to manage your personal contact information, your financial giving information, and see the churches you are connect to. You'll also be able to see the submissions you've completed, under that email address, and any additional flow transactions you've completed.

Returning/Signing In to your Account

Once you have created a Giver account, you can add in your giving financial institution information and it will be stored for easy access for all future gifts. Just make sure you are logged into your account through the Next Steps button each time you give. You'll have access your giving history, manage your account details, see prayer requests posted to our prayer wall and have access to other registration information completed through your church's flows.

Why is a Fee added to my gift?

With Nucleus Giving, our whole mission is to work with you, the Giver, to make sure your church always receives 100% of every gift. This is important because in the US alone, digital giving costs churches over $35 Million in fees every year.

Unlike a number of other giving platforms, we don't skim off the top of any tithe or any offering that comes through our platform. The fee you see is the transaction fee, and will be sent directly to our processor to cover that fee. 

Credit (and debit) card companies and banks charge a small fee every time money is moved digitally. Up to this point, churches have had to front the cost, which eats into each and every gift, which can make online giving very expensive! Since we believe the church should receive everything that is given to them, we work with you to cover the fees. 

We worked with our card processor (CardConnect) to offer the lowest transaction processing fees ever! If you give via credit card, there will only be an additional 1.9% added on top of your gift. But if you're concerned about that amount, you can connect your bank account, where it only costs you a flat rate of $0.25 no matter the size of gift!

With our GivingFlow set up like this, you are helping your church reclaim funds that are typically taken away from online donations. All this reclaimed money can now go towards expanding God's Kingdom, rather than to the pockets of giving providers. We're thankful and excited about anyone who gives through a GivingFlow because we know it will be saving churches hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Offering Drop Box Located in the Lobby

prefer to give cash or check, it's no problem

Complete a Tithing Envelope provided in the back of the seat during the worship experience and place it in the offering drop box at any time during the Saturday morning worship service.

Tithe by Mail

Giving made easy and convenient for you

You can also mail in your giving to our secure PO Box. Make sure to provide a note within your envelope as to what ministries you are giving towards, and our treasurer will apply them accordingly. Mail your gift to Naples SDA Church, PO Box 8928, Naples, FL 34101.