Food Distribution to Our Community

Providing those in need within our community food each month

Naples Adventist Church becomes a Food Bank Distribution Location for our Community

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me" (Matt. 25:35)

Food Distribution Promo Video

We are excited to announce, that through partnership with Midwest Food Bank and Meals of Hope, the Naples Adventist Church will be a source of food distribution each month. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lord has provided us an amazing opportunity to serve our community and provide for some of the basic needs many face. Each month, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, we will receive cartons of food from Midwest Food Bank in Fort Myers. The boxes will be transported to the church for organizing and packing into containers for distribution. The prepared containers will be handed out that following Saturday at the church porte cochere.


During the pandemic the need of food in our community was extensive. We are blessed that God provided us a way to support those in need and over the last 3 years we have continued to see hundreds of families each month be blessed by the boxes we can hand out. Starting in May 2023, we are rescheduling our food packing dates and distribution and we hope you'll join us in serving our community.

Each 2nd Tuesday of the month, up to 5 pallets of food will be received from Midwest Food Bank and brought to the church. The Saturday following the receipt of food from Midwest, and at the conclusion of our worship service, we will gather together, after a brown bag lunch, to pack the boxes and prepare them for handing out. Then we will plan to hand out these boxes that same afternoon. We invite you to join us on these Saturdays with your family, bring a lunch for you and your family, and help us pack and distribute the food each month.

Below is the sign up link for anyone who would like to volunteer. We look forward to serving our community with you.

Don't feel comfortable volunteering and still want to help this ministry?

We understand that many of us are still uncomfortable in social settings, and yet you still want to help and support our food bank ministry. If that is the case, we might suggest that the opportunity to support our ministry financially, allowing us to purchase the supplies to prepare the food boxes, and even purchase fresh food to give out as well, that may not be available each time from Midwest. If you would like to support our ministry with a financial donation, you can do that through our giving app.

Just click here to go to our giving page, or go directly to the app, select "Naples Church: Other" from the list and in the notes section prior to completing your donation, type "Food Distribution."

Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Dates Still Available

May 2023

May 13 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

May 13 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

June 2023

June 17 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

June 17 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

July 2023

July 15 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

July 15 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

August 2023

August 12 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

August 12 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

September 2023

September 16 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

September 16 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

October 2023

October 14 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

October 14 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

November 2023

November 18 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

November 18 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

December 2023

December 16 @ 2:00pm Food Packing

December 16 @ 4:00pm Food Distribution

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