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Exploring the Basis of Our Hope

What is Foundations?

exploring the basis of our hope

Foundations is a free video series that explores the landmark beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Faith and fosters small group discussion. Upon the key foundational truth that Jesus is our Salvation, we’ll explore the other 5 S’s of Adventism.

what to expect

Foundations will be presented at the Naples Adventist Church Live and In Person on September 17-18 and September 24-25 over 6 separate sessions. The sessions will begin with a short video and then the attendees will break into groups at round tables for discussion.

The schedule for the series will be:

Session 1 Friday September 17th @ 7pm

Session 2 Saturday September 18th @ 11am

Session 3 Saturday September 18th @ 7pm

Session 4 Friday September 24th @ 7pm

Session 5 Saturday September 25th @ 11am

Session 6 Saturday September 25th @ 7pm

Childcare will be available at all evening (7pm) sessions.

topics of Discussion

Session 1: Salvation

Friday, September 17 @ 7pm

Although the centrality of Jesus is presented throughout this series, Pastor Ruben Ramos will introduce THE main foundation of our hope.

Salvation presented by Pastor Ruben Ramos

Session 2: Second Coming

Saturday, September 18th @ 11am

Pastor Ray Pichette will unpack the hope that we find in the Second Coming of Jesus

Second Coming by Pastor Ray Prichette

Session 3: Sabbath

Saturday, September 17th @ 7pm

Brickell is a busy part of Miami. It's an easy place to drown in your work. It's a poignant location to learn about this important subject.

Sabbath by Pastor Ruben Joseph

Session 4: The State of the Dead

Friday, September 24 @ 7pm

In this session, Pastor Manny Gomez opens up to how he grappled with the death of his Abeulo (grandfather) and how he was able to hold onto hope in Jesus.

State of the Dead by Pastor Manny Gomez

Session 5: Spirit of Prophecy

Saturday, September 25 @ 11am

In a world full of noise, how do we find direction? From the streets of South Beach, Pastor Kendall Turcios explores how we can have clarity in a world of ambiguity.

Spirit of Prophecy by Pastor Kendall Turcios

Session 6: Sanctuary

Saturday, September 25 @ 7pm

It is sometimes thought of as a complicated topic, yet Pastor Julie MacLafferty simplifies the Sanctuary through a suspenseful, yet touching, story.

Sanctuary by Pastor Julie MacLafferty

Got questions?

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