Wednesday Night Class

Diving into a Deeper Understanding and Relationship with God through Group Study

Understanding Revelation & Inspiration

Classes begin September 11, 2019 @ 7pm

This fall our Wednesday night class series will be on the importance of God's revelation of Himself and His inspiration of the Prophets. The class will run up until December 11th, and will not meet the week of Thanksgiving. We invite you to join us during this series to gain a greater understanding of God and the impact it can have on your life.

Classes will meet each Wednesday night in our Gathering Room to the left of the entry, at the main church located at 5050 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL.

Understanding Revelation and Inspiration

There are over 200 Protestant denominations in the United States alone, each believing that they have “the truth." But the differences in what the Bible teaches are wide and diverse. How can that be? Aren’t they all reading from the same Bible? The non-Christian world is puzzled by so many differences and rightfully so. 

The reason why there is so much diversity in understanding the Bible, all focuses on how God revealed Himself to humans and what is meant by inspiration. The discussion about how “we understand the Book (the Bible)," has raged on for centuries. Virtually no denomination has been untouched by it. Many have paid with their lives over their belief in what the Bible says to them.

This class will help the Bible learner to grasp what is at stake, how we all got here, and where it all may be headed. Our pastor, Bill Bossert, will be leading this class. There is no charge and topic guides will be available each night. Please bring a Bible and a pen.

This class is open to all and will last about a hour, meeting each week in our Gathering Room.

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